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Your recent correspondent from Uckfield who discovered that the VW dealer who performed an oil change charged him for 4.5 litres of oil when the sump capacity was 3.5 litres is not alone. My Golf was recently serviced by a VW franchise in South London so I checked the figures. According to the manual the sump capacity is 4.5 litres with an allowance for a filter change. I was charged for 8 litres of oil. I am no lawyer but perhaps the local trading standards office might be interested. The invoice says "Carry out annual fixed service to manufacturer's specifications" does that mean that VW approves of its franchised dealers fraudulently charging for oil? I certainly hope not. Maybe VW would like to provide some assurance that it checks its franchised dealers are not ripping off the customers.
This is plainly fraud. The garage has charged for 8 litres of oil, at least 3.5 of which it did not supply. It has, effectively, stolen from you the cost of 3.5 litres of oil. So yes, take the matter to the local TSOs, who used to be called 'weights and measures inspectors'. VW is investigating the other dealer who performed this stunt.
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