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Our Lexus GS 300 with 175,000 miles needs an exchange air-con pump at a cost of £1,300. The Lexus dealer considers that the car once repaired is capable of 250,000 miles. So for £1,300 we could probably get a further 70,000 miles of luxury motoring albeit with poor mpg. On the other hand if we got £1,000 px for the Lexus against say a £10,000 car that would do 40mpg we are still spending an extra £9,000 that would buy a lot of petrol. So we are in two minds as to which direction to go. Any suggestions would be welcome
£1,300 is the Lexus dealer price. Last summer the a/c of our Toyota Vios failed in Thailand, in 50 degree Centigrade temperatures. We stopped at a roadside tyre, battery and a/c repair shop. They checked the a/c, found the fault was with the electromagnetic clutch of the a/c pump, replaced it with a new clutch they had in stock, and all within an hour for a cost of around £50. So before you buy a new pump, at least have it checked by an independent a/c specialist.
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