Ignition key keeps jamming in the steering column - why does this keep happening?

My daughter has a 2010 Nissan Qashqai which she bought in 2014. Two years ago, the ignition key jammed in the steering column lock and she had to get the dealer she bought it from to replace the lock at a cost of more than £300. Now her main key – which was new two years ago - is refusing to turn in the lock but fortunately she has a spare key which is working fine. The dealer says there will be a £78 charge just to look at it. Surely a key should not wear out after only two years. What can she do about it?
I don't think the dealer can have replaced the lock two years ago because, if he had, he would have had to replace all the locks on the car. I think all he did was replace the key and now the same thing has happened again. So I think you have legitimate grounds to complain. However, if the driver hung other things on the car key, such as house keys, then all that stuff dangling off the key could have damaged the key in the lock and the fault is with the driver. Never ever hang anything on a car key apart from the keyfob. Keep your other keys separate.
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