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I bought a new Ford Focus 1.8L FFV petrol 2 years ago and paid for the FordProtect Service Plan, 3 services. Cost of the service plan was £425.53. The car went in for its second service recently and Hartwell asked if we would like the brake fluid changed as this is recommended by Ford, the cost would be £50 as this is not included in the pre-paid price for the service. My car Service Portfolio refers me to www.etis.ford.com/fordservice for the precise content of each service. This Ford on-line service schedule states "Brake System -Every 2 years Renew-Brake Fluid.” When I pointed this out to the service manager, he replied, "Ford has now included this in the service every 2 years from 2008, and we can claim it back from Ford, but Ford did not include it at the time I bought my Car and Service Plan and therefore the dealer cannot claim it back from Ford and does not do it unless the customer pays extra. Could you please advise: Is it essential for the car to have the brake fluid renewed every 2 years and should it have included it in their price for the pre-paid service.
It is essential to at least test the brake fluid for moisture content (it
is hygroscopic) and if above an acceptable level the fluid needs to be changed or the moisture will corrode the valving of the ABS pump. Unfortunately, because the brake fluid change is not included in the printed document covering your service plan, but instead refers you to a website that can be updated at any time, you are in for an argument here. If it was more money it would be worth arguing using the small claims track at a county court. But it's too trivial an amount for the court to give it time. You could, however, try www.moneyclaim.gov.uk
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