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I thought you and your readers might like to hear of the excellent service I received this week from a local independent garage, F R Pulleyn of Station Road, Haxby, York. The clutch on my car failed and I was reliably advised that I needed a new clutch slave cylinder. Fitting this would involve removing the entire transmission from the car, and as it has already done over 100,000 miles, I was advised to have a new clutch fitted at the same time. Nationwide Auto Centres and a local garage both estimated the cost in the region of £1,100 - £1,200, so I was pleasantly surprised when Pulleyns quoted £675. The car was delivered to them by the excellent National Breakdown service and, to my surprise, Pulleyns then telephoned me to say that they had refilled and bled the hydraulic linkage and could find nothing wrong with it. The car was running perfectly well and they did not think it necessary to do any more work unless and until further problems arose. Two days later, there is still no sign of trouble. How refreshing to find a garage that quotes around half the prices charged by rivals, and is honest enough not to carry out unnecessary work, even when the customer already believes it is needed and is prepared to pay for it.
Many thanks. Have forwarded to the compiler of our website Good Garage Guide for the benefit of everyone searching for a good garage in the area. This guide is based solely on reader recommendation, as a service to readers.
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