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My four-year-old Mazda 6 aircon packed up the other month. On inspection by my local Mazda dealer, T.W. White & Son in Addlestone, from which I had bought the car three years ago, a new condensing unit was required at a cost of nearly £600. On taking the old unit out it was found that corrosion had caused the unit to leak. I asked the dealer if he could contact Mazda UK to see if it would make a goodwill contribution towards the cost of repair, as the car was only one year out of warranty. When I collected the car, T.W. White didn't want any payment for the work of replacing the unit as they wanted to contact Mazda UK first. Two weeks later I received the invoice for the work, less a 46% contribution from Mazda UK. I would just like to say thank you to TW White & Son and Mazda UK for the excellent service I received.
Many thanks. I've had other commendations of T.W. White & Sons, Addlestone. Looks like they're going for a gold.
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