The coolant system of my car is contaminated with transmission fluid - what can I do?

I own a 2012 Seat Exeo ST 2.0 TDi Auto. One morning I found a pool of transmission fluid and water on my drive. It was towed to a SEAT main dealer and they informed me that the coolant system is contaminated with transmission fluid. The two possible fixes are changing the gearbox and cooling system at a cost of £10k plus or changing the radiator, flushing out the system and topping up the gearbox at a cost of £1000. Can you advise me?
If the car engine has not been started then there's a reasonable chance that little or no coolant got into the transmission, so it's worth having the transmission fluid replaced by dialysis using a Liqui Moly ATF transfusion machine (member of The engine cooling system also needs to be flushed of transmission fluid and the radiator and heat exchanger replaced. Cross your fingers...
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