The MoT Files: Top 10 tips for passing your MoT

The MoT test is an important safety check for your vehicle. By law, a car must have an MoT on the third anniversary of its registration and then every 12 months after that. Only cars registered before 1960 are exempt from compulsory roadworthiness testing. However, from May 2018, all cars more than 40 years old are exempt from the annual roadworthiness check.

Check your car's MOT history

The MoT test itself covers a wide range of elements, including lighting, brakes, steering tyres, seat belts and bodywork. But the most common failure points are often the easiest to fix - such has having a bulb out or worn tyres.

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Take your car to a reputable garage

In an ideal world, all MoT centres would be open and honest- but we've all heard horror stories about garages using the annual test as an opportunity to make money by forcing you to pay for unnecessary work. That's why launched the Good Garage Guide to make it easy to find a trustworthy mechanic on your doorstep. 

You can also take advantage of council-run MoT test centres. These centres might not offer servicing or repair work, but they will give you an unbiased assessment of the legal roadworthiness of your car. If you fail, simply take your car to a local garage and return to the council centre for the retest. 

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xaghra    on 2 July 2018

two days to do a service and MOT,utter rubbish. If the car is well maintained it should only take half a day any more than that I would take it some where else

Gary Pearson    on 20 July 2018

The 'two days' refers to having a MOT test on one day and a service on a different day, re-read the point.

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