Top 10: Best oil jugs

Topping up oil straight from a five-litre bottle is a recipe for disaster; save yourself some time and cleaning up with these oil jugs.


You may not be putting Castol in your car but you can still enjoy the charm of this classic design. This version holds two pints (1.1 litres) but there are smaller versions too, finished in steel with an applique carrying the iconic Castrol logo.

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Classic Castrol J110 Pouring Jug, Green, 2 pt


Another multi-purpose jug designed to cope with all sorts of automotive chemicals, this offering from Dynatec is made from sturdy polyethylene for durability and light weight. It can hold and deliver five litres through its flexible spout and is wider at the base to give controlled pouring.


One oil jug is handy but several will make life even easier, which makes this set from Wheels N Bits so appealing. For a modest outlay of less than £25 you get two 1-litre jugs and two 5-litre jugs, each with a secure screw lid on top and a flexible spout for easy delivery, although it is worth noting the markings are metric and US imperial.

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Wheels N Bits 2x 1 & 5 L Litre Measuring Jug with Flexi Spout Oil Fuel Anti Freeze Screen-wash Etc


If you need something to deliver oil for precise lubrication rather than filling up your engine, this set from Mandys and made by Silverline is just the ticket. Both jugs are made from pressed steel, the larger 500cc version has a flexible spout while the 250cc item has a die-cast head with a fixed spout.


Sometimes you need to store or transport oil, and it’s generally a good idea to use something other than the can it came in. This three-litre can from Wovelot can carry petrol or diesel as well as oil, has vent holes for smooth pouring and a built-in spout too.


Plain, simple and hard to miss (and to lose), this four-litre jug from SW-Stahl does without a lid but is tough, resistant to acids and alkalines and is lightweight too, checking in at a little over 300g.


If you own a Series I or II Land Rover then you probably already own one of these; for everyone else, these jugs make the perfect garage accessory for your Solihull pride and joy. Available in 750ml, 1.25-litre, 2.25-litre and 3.35-litre sizes - and are the same price whichever size you go for.


Another straightforward oil container from a brand with a good reputation, this Sonax measuring jug can hold two litres of pretty much any liquid you might need, with a sturdy handle and long, flexible spout to get into awkward areas. The translucent design also makes it a cinch to check the fluid level itself.

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Pressol Industrial Measuring Jug / Oil Can with Flexible Pipe 2 Litres


This five-litre measuring jug from Tool Hub ticks all of the main boxes, thanks to its big capacity, tough construction and resistance to some of the harsher chemicals you might need in your garage. It also has a flexible spout, but the bonus here is that it is removable, so on the occasions where accuracy is less important you can get the vital fluids poured out more quickly.