Westover Land Rover, Salisbury

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"First Rate Service with friendly and helpful staff"

By crab293, 5 August 2013

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I would like to tell you of the recent excellent service > we experienced from Westover Landrover in Salisbury. On a > recent family weekend away in our 20 year old Landrover we > suffered the unfortunate failure of the water pump near > Salisbury. We therefore diverted to Westover Landrover, > who pulled out all the stops to help us. > > Sadly, they did not have the part in stock so ordered it > in for the next morning nothing special there. Being 60 > miles from home and not wanting to spoil our weekend we > thought we could book into a local travel lodge or hotel. > This proved impossible either they were fully booked or > did not take dogs. Seeing our predicament Westover took > it upon themselves to help and found us a hotel but more > than that negotiated a discount too. > > Having an ex-MOD 90 Landrover they found once the parts > were stripped out were non-standard Landrover but that did > not stop them phoning round to local 4x4 specialist to > find a part. In the meantime they loaned us a new 110 to > get us back home as our weekend plans were now beyond > resurrection. > > At all times the staff were friendly and sympathetic to > our plight. Furthermore they were genuinely thrilled to > work on an old Landrover and not the new ones they usually > get to work on. Going the extra mile to find us a hotel > and negotiating a discount is commendable in my book. I > am sure other Landrover Main Dealers,and we have > experienced a couple of them, would not have been as > helpful. They rather look down on the older Landrovers > owners. A recent trip to Wales resulted in a wheel hub > cap covering the stub axle being thrown leaking oil over > the wheel, we phoned Stratstone Landrover in Cardiff to > see if they had a part. Explaining our need to the > Service and Parts Department and how long it would take to > get to them they indicated they had the part and it would > not be a problem. We arrived in the time stated to be > told the service department had closed early and they well > unable to help further. > > Westover restored our belief in good old fashion customer > service, proving not all Main Dealers are the same. With > Ian, Sue and Glen singled out as a credit to the company.

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