Rays Garage, Pidley

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Services: MOT, Servicing, Tyres, Exhausts

Somersham Road



PE28 3DG

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"a reliable friendly village garage especially for women "

By haze64, 1 January 2015

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I have used days garage for over 10 years since my mum moved to somershAm I actually live one hour away In Hitchin I will list egs of why I totally trust this garage a) I put in my car for full service picked up later and told if didn't need a full service as not enough mileage so they had done a cheaper small service - from experience as a single female many garages would have just done thr full service for the money 2) u drop ur car off then given a lift by garage back to my mums which was about 12 minutes away later they ring and come and pick u up from my mums take u back to thr garage to pay etc 3) I have been able to pay at the end of thr month if I'm a bit short of money 4) my mum had her car booked in for a service once she was a not long single women and was looking after her then 2 yr old grandson and in thr morning had found she had a massive burst pipe in her garage which contained all her washing machine tumble dryer all carpeted and lots of other things she called days garage to cancel her car service and the owner Paul offered to send some of 'the lads' round to help her clear out her soaking wet garage 4) my sister & her fiancée are both in the met police and live in London yet they always get all work on both their cars at this garage even though it is a 5 hour round trip 5) I hav just had to buy a brand new Toyota from a garage local to me and I hav been treated awfully and even more frustratingly the way I was spoken to and treated I know if I had been with a male I would he. Been treated very differently so I am planning to get my services etc for my new car still done at this garage in a nutshell the staff are all very friendly I as a woman hav never felt patronized or like I was. Being conned I have had work done and has cost me less than the quote I have asked for advice they r not a big posh dealership so I think they only have one or two courtesy cars not new but I especially having my recent experiences with Toyota I wud choose and trust this garage totally over any posh frilled up garage my only wish is that this garage sold cars not just fixed them And 5 people In our family have now used it for over 10 years I drive a 2 hr round trip my sis and fiancé 5 hr round trip my mum has moved recently another 15 minutes away but we all still use rays garage basically we trust what they say and advice we know we not being given lots of bs! I have never felt they have or will do work that is unnecessary so I choose trust which for me as a single woman with no bloke around to ask is very important

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Nov 2014

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MOT, Servicing, Repairs, Tuning


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