How often should I drive my Peugeot Boxer motorhome to keep it in good order?

I have recently purchased a motorhome. I am not going to achieve a high annual mileage (max 5-6000) nor take it out for camping purposes that often (up to six occasions per annum). Clearly that is not ideal from the point of view of the engine and other systems. I assume therefore that I should attempt to exercise it more often, but what would be the optimum/minimum requirement for starting the motor, taking it on the road and for how long? Any other related advice? It is based on a 2008 Peugeot Boxer 2.2-litre diesel.
It needs to be driven every couple of weeks otherwise all sorts of problems will start to occur from condensation and corrosion. Obviously if it's covered in snow this will be impractical. But otherwise try to get it out on the road as frequently as you reasonably can. Use it instead of your other car.
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