My BMW garage is charging £276 for an oil change - should I shop around?

Following your advice about changing the oil after 10,000 miles or annually, I called my BMW garage to book my 1 Series in. The service reception seemed very surprised at my request and reiterated the handbook which states that services should be carried out after 18,000 miles or two years. I asked for a quote which was £276 and said I would call back. Is £276 a reasonable price to pay or should I shop around? I don't want to invalidate my warranty.
That's because he is an idiot employed to spout the corporate line. He does not care that infrequent oil and filter changes are designed to promote engine wear that neither he nor BMW will be in any way responsible for after six years. If you want the car to last, take my advice. £276 is ridiculous for an oil and filter change. This oil and filter change should not cost more than £100 including VAT.
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