Did the garage cause our Ford Galaxy's engine to blow following a service?

We bought a 2005 Ford Galaxy secondhand with about 18,000 miles on the clock in 2007 and now, three years on, the car has about 50,000miles on it. Just before I took the car in for a service, my husband unexpectedly opened the bonnet to discover that the oil cap was missing! Neither of us had lifted the bonnet since the last service, 11 months previously! I rushed the car in to be serviced where it passed its MOT and had a full service, and nothing wrong was detected. Then, a few days later, something in the engine burst and the engine was written off before my husband could stop the car. We are now having to buy a new (secondhand engine) and replace the old one. The garage still doesn't know why this happened. They say something might have got blocked or the pressure was wrong, but so soon after a full service? Does this sound plausible or am I being taken for a ride? We are being charged £1800 for an engine that has done 15,000 miles and £1200 for all labour and VAT. Does this sound right?
The damage could have been done to the engine by running without the oil cap and therefore without proper oil pressure. The basic service would not have affected this. Though the total bill is £4000, it's actually not OTT for a new or reconditioned engine.
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