My Mercedes-Benz has constant DPF issues that aren't due to my driving - what should I do?

I brought a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d last September. Within three months of ownership my engine management light came on and the cars power was restricted. The earliest Mercedes-Benz could book me in was three months later. It turns out the problem was a blocked DPF. Since then, I've taken it back at least four times with a blocked DPF. I use the motorway everyday for work commuting and really don't do any city driving so I cannot understand what the issue is. Mercedes-Benz seems to just ignore me and blame it on my driving. I think the whole DPF needs replacing, maybe due to the long initial wait and me driving with a blocked DPF for three months.
Given your type of driving, this is a fundamental fault and you can insist that the DPF is replaced. If they refuse, warn them in writing that you will take the car elsewhere to a specialist and will use Small Claims to recover all costs from them.
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