Does my Audi A2's water pump really need replacing as well as its timing belt?

We have a five-year-old Audi A2 with 28,000 miles, owned from new and serviced on variable servicing by an Audi main dealer. We recently received a reminder from the dealer stating that the timing belt should be changed as the car was five years old. The car went in today for this work. I then got a phone call saying that they 'had found signs of water leaks from the water pump' and asking if they should change this - an extra £90 on top of the £350 for the belt change. I queried if it was normal for a water pump to begin to fail after just 28,000 miles and asked if Audi would contribute to the costs, but in reply I was simply told that the car is five years old. Is the leakage on the water pump reasonable after such low usage? Is the age relevant when it is only operational when the engine is running? Or is this a 'booster' for the dealer to take more money?
It's a common fault on this 1.4 16v engine and it does need to be replaced.
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