An electrical part supplied by Nissan failed after five months - are Nissan liable?

The heater resistor pack on my Nissan Note failed and was replaced by my local Nissan garage for £172. The part supplied consists of two parts, the resistor and heat sink, and the wires and plug that go into it. The wires are soldered onto the stubs of the old wires. However they couldn't fit it quickly as it was February and I needed the car, so I got a local auto electrician to fit it. The wires on the part that was supplied by Nissan have not been properly crimped and set up a point of high resistance. The resulting heat has caused the plug to fail after five months. My second auto electrician sees no problem with the workmanship. The damage is consistent with high contact resistance. The garage tell me that, as they didn't fit it and Nissan don't take electrical parts back, they are unable to refund the money. What are my options?
You would need to prove that the part was fitted correctly. But you could then take the supplier of the resistor (whoever you bought it from, not Nissan) to Small Claims:
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