I reported a rust problem when my car was under warranty - should Dacia sort this out FOC?

I bought my Dacia Duster in 2014 with 28 miles on the clock. I now have major problems with rust in the boot and under the front passenger seat. I saw it on my first service and told the garage but it was ignored. On the second service I insisted that the rust was noted on the service sheet. I've been battling with Dacia/Renault customer services but they've implied that I've spilt acid. Can you advise me on how I can get Dacia to agree to sort out the rust problem. It's going to cost them £2500 to fix. Car was still under warranty when I reported this.
This was a problem with early RHD UK Dusters built in India and because of it production for the UK was switched to Romania where most Dusters are built. Particularly bad on white painted Dusters that didn't seem to get enough paint. Depends what you mean by "rust". If it is penetrated rust (actual holes in the metal) then that would be covered by the body warranty. If it is merely lifted paint exposing bare metal that has surface rusted then that comes under the paint warranty. Read your warranty document.
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