My car door needs replaced - should I be aware of any future problems that may arise?

My car went in for servicing at the dealership garage I purchased it from. Whilst there, someone drove into it. The driver's door needs replacing. The garage will do this at their expense and give me a courtesy car in the meantime. Will it affect my resale value? Is there anything else I should be protecting myself against e.g. insurance premiums, future problems that might arise relating to this door replacement?
At the moment all you can do is wait and see what kind of job they do of it. If the paint does not match the rest of the car exactly then you can demand that the dealer either fully repaints the entire car or buys your car from you at pre-damaged market price. There is nothing to declare to your insurer because you have not made a claim, or even been involved in one if the garage claimed on its own liability insurance.
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