I use my Volvo V70 auto to tow a caravan - is there anything I should have done to ensure it keeps running?

I own a 2011 Volvo V70, it's done 48,000 miles. It's always been serviced by a Volvo dealer and I use it for towing a 1500kg caravan about 4000 miles per year. Please advise any steps I should take, over and above the manufacturer's schedule. I am particularly thinking of servicing the auto box due to the towing. The dealer says "the car will tell us when it needs a fluid change", and that seems to be the guidance in the handbook. I intend to keep the car long term as it has everything we need.
If the transmission has a dipstick, check the colour of the automatic transmission fluid. Pink, it's okay. Black it's burned. Volvo 'Geartronics' aren't the best autoboxes and towing a caravan can heat the fluid excessively, so if it has no dipstick probably best to have the fluid changed anyway. Has to be done by dialysis at the right temperature and pressure. Best go to a member of www.fedauto.co.uk
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