I don't need to use Hyundai servicing to maintain the warranty - can you recommend a cheaper third party option?

I've just bought a six month old Hyundai i10. I knew their service costs are steep but I also noted you don't have to use Hyundai to maintain the warranty. Hyundai have just bought out a service plan that I can buy but the product/prices changed over the weekend and remain as stupendous as the Hyundai normal service charges. My local dealer wants £35 just to set up monthly payments. Is there a third party option to help me budget for servicing?
To retain the full 5-year warranty you would have to be able to prove that every service was carried out precisely to Hyundai specifications with the correct fluids, materials and procedures and this would all need to be itemised on the invoices. An independent servicing operation is unlikely to do all of this. I would service ad hoc with the Hyundai dealer and keep to a single chain of liability. I would not commit to a service plan.
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