What is a fair price to have air con re-gassed?

Is £600 a fair charge to have the air conditioning re-gassed on a three year old Nissan Note? The condenser needed renewing, but the main cost was £300 for the gas.
Definitely not. The reason is an EU Directive that forced Nissan to use R1234YF refrigerant instead of R134a. The new gas is highly prone to leaking, is highly flammable and costs five times as much as R124a. Questions need to be asked of the EU as to why it succumbed to the lobbying that led to the imposition of this new gas. They will probably claim 'the Paris Agreement' for which hundreds of delegates from all over the World jetted into Paris creating more air pollution than switching from R134a to R1234YF in vehicles will reduce over a period of 20 years.
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