BMW refuse to give me a goodwill contribution for my disintegrating brake pads - is this a lost cause?

I have an ongoing dispute with BMW about my 2013 BMW 320D Touring. The brakes (original - total miles 32,000) suddenly started juddering on a journey and after closer inspection the surface of one of the discs seems to have lost material in a particular spot, probably two cm x half a cmin size, say 1mm deep. BMW are flatly refusing to allow any warranty goodwill even though it only came out of warranty in December and this happened in February. I still have the discs but have had to get them changed due to the time this has been going on. Do I have a case on this or am I on a lost cause?
I've seen this before on Skoda (see photos here: The discs appear to de-laminate. Salt water gets under the surface. If you want to take action against the supplying dealer I guess you could take your four year old brake disc into The County Court and make a Small Claim:
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