Asked main dealer to change cam belt but he didn't - is he hoping the car fails so I have to replace it?

I want my 207,000 mile 2007 Vectra 1.9 diesel to keep going for a while. I asked the main dealer to change the cam belt and give a full service, put a new fan belt on (it's on the original), grease the brake sliders on the front (the rear were done recently) and fit a new thermostat as it shows 40 - 60C. When I collected it they told me the thermo was fine as the rad was warm both top and bottom, the brakes were working okay and the fan belt was checked and there were no cracks in it. Of course this was work which I didn't have to pay for, but my concern is that these are likely to let me down in the future, and the cool running will not help the EGR or fuel consumption. Are they working on the basis that breakdowns equal sales and I'll be exchanging it in frustration?
If the alternator belt comes off it can wrap itself around the unprotected lower timing belt pulley and wreck your engine. So take it somewhere else and tell them to replace the alternator belt. Then, afterwards, make sure they've done it properly: correct tension, bolts done up tight, etc.
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