Why does my Porsche 911 991 rattle?

I bought a six month old Porsche 911 (991) model Carrera from a Porsche main dealer in September 2015. Mechanically the car is perfect, but there is an abundance of creaks and rattles from the interior - mainly door cards and back seats, although the dash rattles a bit too sometimes. I rarely drive the car but when I do the noise makes me not want to. Do you know if this is a warranty item or something I need to fix myself? The car was originally registered in March 2015 and has covered 14,000 miles.
Reads as if it has been crashed, repaired and re-assembled. Worth getting that checked by a bodyshop. If all original, then back to the dealer and if he won't fix it then it's a matter of finding a local car upholsterer and trimmer.
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