My oil pump broke after its MoT and service - what do I do now?

I had my 2013 Vauxhall Corsa serviced and MoT done at a garage. The next day the oil light came on and a weird noise from the engine happened. The MoT garage plugged it into laptop and said it was electrical, so take it to Vauxhall. The car was recovered to Vauxhall and the oil pump is broken due to starvation of oil (£1800 to replace).The warranty is void because I missed a service. I'm sure the garage topped up the oil and they said in the advisory notes that at some point to have the oil pipes flushed, but that's it. Any advice?
Well you voided your Vauxhall warranty by missing a service, and that's what probably blocked the oilways leading to the oil pump failure. If the old oil is flushed prior to an oil change it might get rid of blockages, but could also cause them by moving a clot of oil into a critical oilway. I don't think you can blame the garage. However, £1800 to replace an oil pump reads expensive to me. I'd talk to a member of who might be able to fix it for a lot less.
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