Is a car that's been standing for 18 months likely to have engine issues?

I'm thinking of buying a 2013 Volkswagen Passat Estate 1.8 TSI that's apparently been standing for 18 months. The owner (one from new) has passed away, but the car was garaged whilst he was not well enough to use it. It's never been MOT'd, so it's definitely been standing for at least 13 months, though I can't tell if it's been started or maintained during that time. Less than 5000 miles on the clock. It looks and smells new, with not a mark on it. I'm concerned about the effects on the engine and drivetrain mainly. New battery has been fitted. It had a service in April 2015 at 3000 odd miles. I plan to service it ASAP, but normally only a minor service would be needed. Is there any need to change the cambelt (assuming there is one), or anything else?
This is a timing chain engine, but it has had some trouble with piston rings and oil consumption. Might be better to run it on semi synthetic oil rather than synthetic. (I'd take advice from your nearest independent VAG specialist.) The brake fluid will probably have absorbed some moisture so should be changed. The tyres may have flat-spotted. If you feel that through the steering, try over-pressuring them for a while, but remember the steering will then become overlight and the car won't grip so well. Also remember the pressures will increase by 3PSI once the tyres heat up on the motorway so don't go beyond 37PSI cold pressure.
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