I was charged £430 to get overtightened wheel bolts drilled out - should the dealer compensate me?

I purchased an approved 2012 BMW X5 from main dealer in May 2015 with a two year warranty. In February 2016, the main dealer supplied and fitted new alloys under warranty. Last month, my car went to the main dealer in London who said the wheel bolts had been over tightened in February and charged me £215 to drill out the front bolts and replace, same issue with rear wheels (£430 in total). I contacted BMW UK, who didn't want to help, despite the car being under warranty and referred me back to the dealer. When I contacted them, the service manager said the wheels had been fitted to the vehicle for 15 months which is too long for them to be liable. Please can you advise who is responsible. The wheels are BMW 20-inch diamond cut alloys. Should copper grease have been applied to the bolts?
Take the matter to Small Claims where I think the balance of probability is that the judge will find in your favour. Tell the dealer that this is what you propose to do. No requirement to use copper based grease because the bolts could unfasten themselves. Good idea to use a smear of Copper Ease between the wheels and the hubs.
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