BMW X3 triad of lights, 4X4, ABS and Brake

I have a 2006 BMW X3 2.0d sport, bought through finance. I've had it since 2014, but since the DPF issue I seldom use it. In the first quarter of 2015, I used it on a long run but noticed an intermittent appearance of the 4x4, ABS and brake lights. Most annoying is the sound of knocking at the back when you turn the wheel. I know this is a common but does this problem just happen immediately or it is a gradual thing? I told my finance company that at the point of sale there was already a problem and it only manifested during my ownership of the car. How do I convince them of my explanation?
If you buy something on finance it is not automatically warranted by the finance company. This reads as if the 4WD centre clutch is failing, probably due to a disparity between the tyres that it will detect as slippage and that will eventually wear the system out.
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