The doors on my Ford Focus won't unlock properly - how do I fix it?

I have recently passed my test and bought a Ford Focus as I needed a car for my newly born daughter. The locking was great for about 2 weeks but recently the when turning the key in the driver's door, it won't unlock the other doors. The passenger side can be unlocked using the key or turning the lock on the inside of the door but unfortunately the same can't be said for the two back doors. No key can be put in them to unlock from the outside and pushing the lock lever to unlock it bounces back and doesn't unlock it. I know that the doors not unlocking is an MoT fail and also trying to get my daughter's car seat in and out is difficult when the front seats don't move all that much.
Get a can of WD40. Remove the grommets in the lock facings of the doors and, using the extended nozzle, spray the door lock servos. That might drive out any moisture that is preventing the locks from opening.
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