I was sold a car with faulty tyres - how do I get the dealer to pay for replacements?

I bought an Audi Q3 around six weeks ago from a garage that's around 50 miles from where I live. The car shook badly on the way home so I called them and they told me to bring it back. I told them it was a long way for me to come and asked if I could I take it to a place close to me. I got a email to confirm to get it tracked and balanced, which I did at my local Kwik-Fit. They told me two of the tyres where dangerously repaired, one filled with foam and the other had a two-inch tear with a puncture repair on wall. I told them to replace the two tyres and sent bill to the dealer. I waited three weeks and got nothing, so gave them a call. They said they wouldn't pay for the tyres, but would pay for the tracking and balance. I received a cheque for £27.00 (for balance and tracking), so I rung them and said it was £99.95 but they were not prepared to pay for the tyres. I don't know where to go from here.
You fit the new tyres in place of the dangerous tyres that came on the car. Keep the dangerous tyres as evidence. Point out to the supplier that selling a car on defective tyres is a criminal offence. Then, if he does not promptly reimburse you, sue the supplying dealer for the cost of the replacement tyres using www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/overview/ Keep a not of the chronology of events in order to show the court you behaved "reasonably" and the supplier didn't.
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