Can I claim against the dealer for braking issues in my new 2011 BMW 530d?

Six weeks ago I bought a 2011 BMW 530d Touring with 99,000 miles from a non franchised dealer. The car has developed brake judder which was not evident at the time of purchase. Assuming it is the brake discs (which of course are a wear and tear item) would I have any claim against the selling dealer under the "fault developed within six months of sale" legislation? Or would brake discs/pads be excluded?
The judder is probably from warped discs from sitting on the brakes after a long brake (for example into a roundabout). This clamps the pads around the disc leading to the clamped section cooling at a different rate from the rest of the disc. As discs wear and become thinner, they are more prone to this. So, though your braking probably warped the discs, the state they were in when you bought the car led to the situation. But a difficult one to argue.
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