I tried to safely assist my Ford Galaxy's passive DPF regeneration - is my engine okay?

I've recently purchased a 2011 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi. After the local Ford dealer changed oil and all filters they advised me to (as the car was immobile for months) execute the following procedure after proper warm-in to aid the passive regeneration of the DPF. On the motorway: drive in fourth gear at 2500rpm for ten minutes, afterwards drive at 3000rpm for ten minutes and finally drive at 3500rpm for five to ten minutes. After this, drive normally. I did what they advised, but many of my colleagues told me that this wasn't a good idea. Did I do any harm to my engine?
You'll have done no harm and this will have meant that it didn't need to actively regenerate. I'm finding with a Renault Kadjar diesel that I need fifth gear for 50mph contraflows (and 2000rpm) or the DPF does not passively regenerate sufficiently.
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