Is £389 reasonable for a first service on an Alfa Romeo MiTo?

I have had my Alfa Romeo MiTo serviced this week. It is it's first service. It was bought in May 2009 and has done just short of 20,000 miles. I took it for its service and when I came to pay the total was £389.11. I was very shocked at this large amount but I do not know enough about cars to challenge the invoice. They have given me a breakdown on the invoice which includes engine cleaner, washer, two oils, four spark plugs, air and oil filters, consumables, lube and screenwash. I am very unhappy at the amount I have paid and am worried that as a young female, "they saw me coming." What do you think?
This reads shockingly late to me for a first service. I would not delay a service past 12,000 miles. Effectively your £400 is covering two services, which makes it more reasonable.
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