Our timing belt broke after only seven months - is it the the fault of the dealer who fitted it?

I bought a ten year old Ford Ranger from a dealer seven months ago, with a three month warranty. The timing belt went last week and the dealer's own mechanic fitted a new one just before we bought it. Our local garage says the belt is badly worn, either faulty from manufacturer or badly fitted. The dealer asked us to send pictures of the belt and then to send him the belt, which he now has. He's saying faulty belt (well, he would) but who pays for the damage? The belt should have a 12 month guarantee on it (according to our garage). Should we chase the dealer or the manufacturer? We're waiting for our mechanic to fit a new belt and to see if any more damage was done. We need the vehicle running ASAP as it's used daily for work.
It is the responsibility of the dealer who sold you the truck: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/
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