I've been offered a rarely used 1993 Rover 416 GSi - will it need a lot of maintenance?

I've recently become in need of an automatic car due to a health problem. I was going to purchase a used Nissan Micra, however, I have also been offered a family member's 1993 Rover 416 GSi automatic for free. It's done 66,000 miles, full service history and all belts done, always garaged and owned from new. The only issue I have is the car has only done 500 miles over the last three years and, in the last ten years, has not even done 7000 miles. Is this car going to start needing a lot of work done if I start using it? Are there any preventative measures I could take?
Problems will inevitably occur. Rusted exhaust system, battery problems, rusted brake discs, etc. Maybe rusted brake pipes. Good idea to change the brake fluid because that will have absorbed moisture while the car was sitting. But if it's in great condition you've almost got a classic on your hands. Something to check for carefully is any rusting around the screen. They do go there, especially if the screen has ever been replaced.
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