Is the diagnostic check on my Jeep Patriot, as well as the repair work, covered by my dealer's three month warranty?

I recently bought a used Jeep Patriot from a dealer and was given a three month basic warranty from them. It developed an oil leak so I called the garage to say this was happening, they said put it into a garage to find out what was wrong (I can't take it back to them, as they are too far away). My Local garage have diagnosed a small hole in the cap on my oil filter and have given me a quote to fix the work. I had to pay £61 for the diagnostics, is this, as well as the new filter cap, covered by the warranty?
Basically the dealer himself is responsible for this for 6 months from the date he sold you the car. it doesn't matter whether his 'warranty' covers it or not, the dealer is liable and has to pay:
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