Why is my Renault fuel gauge incorrectly showing the amount of fuel left since the recall work was done?

My wife has a 2015 Renault Twingo TCE Dynamique S which I think is a great little car. However, since having the Renault recall work to have the bonnet guide bracket fitted, the digital fuel gauge incorrectly shows the tank as being half full when it is almost empty. When I got in the car back, I immediately noticed the digital fuel gauge was reading full (all 'blocks' illuminated) when the top 2 'blocks' were not illuminated immediately prior to the work on the bonnet being done. By comparison, the on board computer read out accurately shows the amount of fuel used and how many gallons left to empty. Renault say they have reset the fuel gauge but cannot find a problem. What's going on?
They have obviously disturbed the cable from fuel tank float sender to the fuel gauge. The sender must be working correctly for the digital gallons left readout to be working, but the cable from the sender to the fuel gauge must be damaged.
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