Do you think my Volkswagen Golf's EGR failure is linked to the E189 emissions software update?

I have recently had the E189 emissions software update on my Volkswagen Golf VI 2.0 TDI. On the way from London to Cornwall the glow plug warning light started flashing and the car went into limp mode. This was sorted when I restarted the car. On the way back however, this warning light came on along with the catalytic converter Light on constant. The car lost power and recovery had to be called. My local garage diagnosed it as an EGR fault. I was told that as I had recently had the emissions update at Volkswagen I should take it back for them as the EGR fix costs in the region of £1000. I have taken the car to Volkswagen and they have diagnosed the fault and are waiting to hear from their head office to see if the fault is links to the update. Have you heard of EGR failures after the emissions update?
As long as the car has less than 80,000 miles (at which point you can reasonably expect to have to replace the EGR anyway) then yes. I think Volkswagen's poor engineering and then its emissions fix caused the EGR to fail.
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