Why does my 2014 MINI Countryman Cooper S smell of petrol?

My wife has owned a 2014 petrol Countryman Cooper S from new. Over the last few months the smell of petrol in the passenger compartment and outside when the engine starts, and occasionally whilst driving, has become particularly strong. It hasn't been as noticeable in previous winters. Our local Mini dealership has looked at the car and said there is nothing wrong, and that the MINI Cooper S on their forecourt was 'a bit fuelly'. I haven't kept a record, but my perception is that the fuel economy is not quite what it used to be either. Do you have any ideas what might be causing the smell in the cabin? I can accept it burning rich when first started on a cold morning, but the smell in the cabin is not right.
I'd get it to an independent MINI specialist. A couple of possibilities are: 11-3-2012: Now thought that low pressure in the fuel pump of the 1.6 petrol leads to low pressure in the oil pump, starving the timing chain of oil on start-up and leading to stretching of the chain. That could also be why they rattle on start-up. 1-4-2013: Short runs from cold and the ridiculous long-life service regime seem to lead to condensation in the sump and rocker cover that emulsifies engine oil and leads to blockages of oilways in the turbo petrol engines.
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