Should I change the cambelt in my Ford S-MAX at 80,000 miles?

My 2010 Ford S-Max 2.0 TDI with 80,000 miles on the clock is in for service next week. I asked about a cambelt change, the Ford dealer suggested it does not need changing until 125,000 miles or 10 years. I asked for a quote regardless. They quoted £499 with water pump replacement or £399 without. The £499 seems quite reasonable to me, am I being over cautious getting it done 45,000 before the dealer recommends?
No, get it done. The Ford dealer isn't going to guarantee that the belt and pump will last 125,000 miles and if the belt fails or the pump fails and throws it off your engine will be toast. Best also to replace the tensioner and the aux belt because timing belts are unprotected at the bottom pulley and if the aux belt comes off it can wrap itself around the bottom pulley and take the timing belt off.
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