Did changing the gearbox oil in my 2006 Skoda Fabia break the gearbox?

I have been using a 2006 Skoda Fabia automatic for 2 years and I have an all Skoda dealer service history. At the last service they advised me to change the gearbox oil. However, a month after they changed the oil the reverse gear stopped functioning. I asked them to fix this issue and they told me that the gearbox replacement will cost £4000. The car was working fine until they changed the gearbox oil. What do you advise I do now?
This is a Mk I Fabia (not even a Mk II) and must have had a 4-speed torque converter auto (not a DSG) that either simply gave out due to age or because the transmission oil was not changed at the correct temperature and pressure. I can't tell you which, but can tell you that the value of the car is less than £4,000.
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