Should I sell my Peugeot 306 instead of paying for an £800 repair?

I've had my Peugeot 306 for 3 years. It's had £1500 worth repairs over 14 months, including new head gasket, and now the cam belt has broken. I'm saving up the £800 to have it repaired but is it even worth it? Should I let it go and save for different car? The car and wheels are in immaculate condition and I've been offered £250 for it.
A 306 was a good looking, sweet handling car. But if it isn't a GTI or a cabrio it isn't a classic and whether the engine is worth repairing after the timing belt failed depends on how much internal damage was done by the failure. That £800 could escalate. So probably better to let it go and move on. I would.
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