Do you know anything about 'Express Visual Checks' on the Volkswagen Scirocco?

I was recently 'invited' by my supplying dealer to bring my 10-month-old 170 BHP Volkswagen Scirocco TDI/DSG car in for what was termed an 'Express Visual Check'. The car has done 13,300 miles and is running fine. I asked them what was wrong with it and they said 'nothing'. This was not a recall and they were just checking it over to' make sure my mind was put at ease.' I took the car in yesterday and, one hour later, they handed my car back with a report which said that the car was fine. I have owned many new cars over the years, both Audis and Volkswagens, but this has never happened before. Incidentally, the car is on a long-life service regime and, according to the computer, is not due for a service for another 5000 miles. A motor journalist friend reckons it's a recall, but as an avid reader of your Telegraph column for many years, I wondered what you think?
They might have detuned it. There is a strong rumour going around of a TSB to reduce the power of the 170 by an ECU remap to try to prevent problems it might otherwise have. How does the car now feel? Does it feel down on power, or less lively than before?
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