What's the better option for me - SEAT Leon or Volkswagen Golf?

I'm looking at two estate options, both approximately £17,000. The choice is between a 2016 SEAT Leon ST FR 1.8 petrol, second a 2016 Volkswagen Golf TDI GT 2.0 diesel. Both cars have well under 10,000 miles on their clocks. I motor about 16,000 miles a year and currently drive a 2012 Volvo V50 D2 with 53,000 on the clock. I aim to keep my next car for about three years. Which car would you recommend for reliability, driving pleasure and overall cost? My inclination now is away from diesel.
I'd rather have the Leon FR 180. Both that and the Golf should have the proper fully independent rear suspension rather than a twist beam, and that makes a big difference to ride comfort and handling. For your mileage you can probably justify a diesel because the Golf will do 10mpg - 15mpg more per gallon than the Leon, but within your 3 years the Golf will need a new timing belt, tensioner and waterpump at £500+, whereas the 1.8TSI is chain cam.
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