What is the clicking sound my Renault Megane makes on full lock of steering?

I own a 2013 Renault Megane 1.5 and I noticed yesterday a clicking sound coming from the driver's side on a right turn at full lock, though it does happen to a lesser degree at full lock when turning left as well. Having done some research I believe it may be a faulty CV boot as I'd had one replaced, though I don't know if that has gone or if its the one on the other side. If it is the replacement CV boot that has gone I know that will be replaced under warranty, though if it is the other side I know I'll have to pay for it as they class it as a wear and tear item. Here's my question, why are such things going on the car so soon as it has literally just turned 4 years old and just over 50,000 miles? I've never had this problem before with any Renault I've had previously and also if you can shed any light on the fault itself it'd be much appreciated. It's now getting to the stage where the car is due it's MOT at the end of the year (as I live in Northern Ireland and our MOT is 4 years and beyond) and upon hopefully getting it through successfully I'm considering selling it on.
It's a front wheel drive car so you should avoid full lock as much as possible because of the obvious enormous strain it imposes on the CV joints and also on the Electric Power Steering motor. Manufacturers could move the lock stops preventing this, but then people would complain that the cars had poor lock.
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