Is anyone to blame for the steering fault on my mother's 2004 Skoda?

I live in the US so I feel a bit stuck to do anything, but my mother in the UK had a 2004 Skoda she had bought new, and it had only 12,000 miles. She is 86 and does not drive much. A couple of months ago the steering fell apart and the wheels turned to face each other and she ended up in a bad single car crash that totalled the car. She just took the tiny insurance cheque and ended up with a very used Pixo. It does not seem fair that they took advantage of her age and disability. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
A Pixo can't have been "very used" because the model was only launched last year. But the Skoda failure could have been down to a maintenance issue. When was the car last serviced? Cars don't stay in one piece indefinitely unless they are properly serviced. If it was properly serviced then, while the evidence still existed, she may have had a case against the servicing garage.
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