Is my car going to fail its MOT if the exhaust touches the fuel pipe?

I bought a 1983 Saab 99 two months ago with a 12 month MOT. It had no advisories. I recently had an exhaust system fitted. It was mentioned by the mechanic that the brakes are binding. Is this an MOT failure and, if so, can I afford to wait another 10 months for it to be fixed? Also, the exhaust pipe that has been fitted touches a rubber pipe which leads down from the fuel tank, presumably taking the fuel to the engine. I have been told by someone that the heat from the exhaust pipe could melt the rubber fuel pipe and is therefore an MOT failure. Please could you provide advice on these two issues.
If you drive a car with binding brakes then you will suffer disc and pad wear and uneven braking that could lead to a crash on a slippery surface. It's possible that cleaning the caliper pins and greasing with Copperease grease might solve this. The exhaust touching a fuel line is extremely serious and needs to be rectified, possibly by re-routing the exhaust slightly and fitting a heat shield to that section of it. Forget MoT. These are issued that need to be fixed and if you kill someone as a result of not getting them fixed you will be liable.
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