Should I get my Honda CR-V serviced sooner than my service plan requires?

We have a Honda Civic 1.8 and will be buying a diesel Honda CR-V 160PS soon. Both cars come with a 5 year annual service plan which seems to cover at least oil and filter changes but is at 12,500 miles intervals. The Civic will only do around 6000 miles per year so will get an annual oil change but I will do at least 15,000 a year in the CR-V. Should I get it serviced at 12,500K miles or at 10,000 miles as you often suggest? We intend to keep both cars for around 10 years.
I had my HR-V 1.6 i-DTEC serviced at 10,000 miles even though I wound up doing around 12,500 miles in the whole year. But as long as your CR-V gets a 12,500 mile oil and filter change that happens every 9-10 months, that's not going to be a big worry. Very important, though, to idle this twin-turbo engine for a minute or two before switching off after towing, after a long ascent or after cruising on the motorway to help prevent the turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes getting clogged with carbon.
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