Why are the lights not working on my Renault Clio?

I drive a Renault Clio. After changing some bulbs, two side lights and one dipped beam, my lights sometimes fail when driving. The bottom lights stay on (fog lights) but all other lights (dash lights, indicators, headlights) and wipers fail, including warning triangle lights fail to operate. I have an occasional ABS fault and I think that light stays on. There is a clicking relay sound from the passenger side. Sometimes it's just a flicker but others it's approximately 20 seconds. Clio have suggested a sim pack for lights and wipers. But why would the fog lights stay on?
If everything was okay before you replaced the bulbs then my first guess is that the earthing to the bayonets has been disturbed. If it isn't obvious and you don't know how to test for this, use www.yell.com to call in a local <car electrical specialist>
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